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Let us help you execute flawlessly.

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Congratulations! You were awarded the grant.


We love helping our clients win grant awards. The real work begins when you have to start putting the award to work and ensuring you have the mechanisms in place to track and report your results to remain compliant with all guidelines. 

  What happens when you realize you don't have enough staff or the right staff to succeed? 
 How do you create a project plan and system to ensure everything runs smoothly?
 How do divide your time between execution and other mission-critical priorities?

The Fox team is here to help!


Create the Winning Strategy!

We've created a four-phase process taking you from prospect research all the way through to planning, grant writing, and execution on project delivery. 

In partnership with our Fox Fractional team, we are able to help you navigate through the steps in order to maximize your outcome and reduce stress on the rest of your team.

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Ready to discuss if this process is right for you?